#44. “Blankets” by Craig Thompson

 A beautiful story. Blankets is an great autobiographical graphic novel written and drawn with originality by Craig Thompson. An honest work of art.  I liked how he used words with all caps in the dialogue. Thompson tells his story as a teen. It is a type of love story that includes childhood memories and struggles with faith. I won’t give any more detail but I would recommend youth to read it if they are strong in their faith. Craig quotes a lot of Bible in this novel which deals with his struggle.


“But I don’t LIKE to sing. Couldn’t I praise God with my DRAWINGS?”-(p.137)

“Just another example of adults transforming your magic—-into static.”-(p.253)

“They say Eskimos have several different words for snow.”-(p.253)

“I can feel myself spinning through space at incredible speeds…66,600 miles per hour that’s how fast the earth is moving through orbit.”-(p.259)

“In some cases OVERPROTECTIVE parents can be just as harmful as negligent ones.”-(p.273)

“What age would this ‘GRACE PERIOD’ end? Five? Six? That’s about the time I was ‘SAVED’. Yeah, but what about people who AGE, but never reach that point of mental COMPREHENSION? Like Laura.”-(p.298)

“Back in the GUEST ROOM, I whispered a prayer of GRATITUDE to God—a Psalm, I suppose it’s called.”- (p.308)

**“Even a mistake is better than nothing.”-(p.340)

“Underwater we’re drowning victims, STRUGGLING over and under each others’ bodies. But ABOVE, we bob with the tide, UNDERCURRENTS pulling us just far enough apart, so that we’re drifting PARALLEL, but not TOGETHER.”-(p.361)

“Yeah. Except Heaven is a hope, and Eden a memory.”-(p.397)

“But in that little pathetic clump of blankets, there was comfort.”-(p.410)

“I studied her—Aware that she’d been crafted by a DIVINE ARTIST. Sacred, Perfect, and Unknowable.”-(p.429)

“He’s just a total STRANGER to me now.”-(p.461)

“The final step would be the ability to study the sky in the day…To look directly onto the light of the sun.”-(p.502) all caps

“But I can’t deny my LACK of FAITH either…I still believe in God; the teachings of JESUS even, but the rest of Christianity ..its Bible, its churches, it’s dogma—only sets up boundaries between people and cultures. It denies the beauty of being HUMAN, and it ignores all these GAPS that need to be filled in by the individual.”-(p.532-533)

“Each square had a different texture—a visual sound—And read in sequence, like a comic strip, they told a  story.”-(p.566)

“But the act of waking is dependent on remembering. We use a ritual as a mnemonic device—a holiday as ritual with meaning—and the seasons as increments of measurement.”-(p.575)


Read an interview with Thompson here: http://www.motherjones.com/media/2011/09/craig-thompson-blankets-habibi-interview



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